Bella Cosper
When you outgrow spelling bees, there's Voice-Over, Storytelling, ScriptWriting, and Podcasts to produce.


Bella Cosper is a Filmmaker & Founder of EggRoll Media, LLC & Southern Blend Productions in Los Angeles, California.

Bella Cosper has produced, directed, & written award-winning short films, scripted audio, television, & stage productions. She studied TV Writing & Development at UCLA, comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade & The Pack Theater, & was a mentee in Women in Animation’s Development program.

She is a member of SAG-AFTRA, The Caucus, 5050by2020, Women in Animation, has won awards internationally for her writing, and is WGA-eligible (still thinking about it).

Bella has performed for more than two decades in film, television, stage, singing, & voice-over. She studied with Susan Batson, Upright Citizens Brigade, The Pack, & many others.

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