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Filmed in Foney Glasses Podcast

Bella Cosper watches TV & film with blind characters or blind subjects and gives a first hand POV if it's Cool or if it's Cruel.

(Formerly Filmed in Foney Glasses Vlog)

Episode 14: Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, is it cool or is it cruel? 

Alright, I have a little animation for you.

I watched Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends on Cartoon Network. Season 2, Episode 4 titled: Sight for Sore Eyes.

So, this was a cute little cartoon. I guess it was geared for little kids – but I really enjoyed it.

So, there was a Seeing Eye Monster. It was this thing with a whole bunch of eyeballs on top of his head, and he lost his blind friend, named Stevie. So, this little ghost, named Bloo, who looked like the Pacman ghost, and a little boy were gonna help the Seeing Eye Monster look for Stevie. And it was really cute because the boy and Bloo were running thru the little city looking for Stevie and there is a kid sitting on some steps outside of a building with earbuds and black sunglasses. Bloo, the ghost, assumes this kid is Stevie because of the sunglasses, I suppose. Bloo chases him all thru the town and once he tackles him, they’re like, “wait a minute, he’s not blind, he can see you”. False Identity. And so, it turns out it was just a boy in sunglasses.

So, they do their detective work and they start questioning Seeing Eye Monster with, “where did you last see him? What was he wearing? What does he look like?”. The Seeing Eye Monster gives a description that he was going to the park, he was wearing ‘this’ colored shirt, and he was wearing a pointy hat. They get to the park and there are lots of little boys in pointy hats. Bloo, the silly ghost, assumes one or all of them might be Stevie, so he runs after one, and it scare everybody when they see the ghost, so they all start screaming and running and there’s chaos, and a food fight breaks out. The cake goes into everyone’s eyes and no one can see.  EXCEPT good ol Stevie has his white cane, his best buddy. He feels his way around and he finds the Seeing Eye Monster and lets him know that he’s okay.

Let me just tell you that Stevie is an adorable freakin’ kid! I LOVE his little, tiny, white cane. He did it so well. It was just adorable. I want a picture of Stevie to put on my desk. Or even if I had one of those little bobble heads of Stevie – no I don’t like bobble heads – maybe more like a little figurine. Cause he was that freakin’ cute! Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, if you have little figurines, I would love one of Stevie. Please?  

So, as they’re all walking back, everything gets all cleared up and the other kids meet Stevie and explain the chaos of what happened with Seeing Eye Monster and how it was his fault. All his misunderstanding. You know, the show’s style was a wee bit fun and a wee bit annoying-for me. It would be more geared for a young kid. BUT, Stevie’s character was very real and he was very cute and I give this a WAY COOL. COOL and adorable. <KISS> I loved it.

That was Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends on Cartoon Network.