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5:27 am Thought Train of Bella Cosper

5:27 am Thought Train

Have you gotten to a place in your life where there's no huge event on your calendar, it's not a holiday, no one is scheduled to visit, but you go to bed at night with excitement to get up and take on tomorrow, just because it's a whole new day to live? Every day can be the anxiousness of the first day of school, if you let it be. Every day can be grand, if you let it be.

It is our choice to either let the bumps and hurdles that occur throughout life either hold us down or to take what we've learned from them and carry on.

Think of life as a film. If you were watching a film where a girl who grew up in a happy home, chose to go to college, have a successful career, buy a house, get married, reproduce, grow old gracefully with her partner, and pass peacefully, and it all happened just as she had planned, would that be exciting? It's certainly not an Oscar-worthy film. There must be action. There must be pitfalls and triumphs. And there must be a character arc. How does the character change and grow from a monotone life? Also, this movie is nothing like real life. No one has had this experience.

Dramatic situations are bound to happen, and you have to deal with them. However, it's YOUR CHOICE to make your life film a comedy or a drama.

Let's say, your car gets a flat on the 405 in rush hour traffic, you have $3 in your bank account, and running late for a job interview. Will your whole world end because of this? Not unless there's an apocalypse. At the moment, it might seem like an apocalypse. But you can CHOOSE to either look back at the situation and laugh while telling someone, "I was crying and had mascara all down my face, and the guy who helped me to put on a spare kept flirting with me and he was gross, and I had to arrive two hours late to the interview covered in grease on a junky spare - no wonder I didn't get that job!" OR you can lay on your sofa and continue to think, "Poor me," and continue to hit rewind and watch your so-called sad events in your head over and over and feel like only bad things happen to you.

Of course you will mourn the death of someone you love, or an ability lost, or an opportunity missed. But as soon as possible, feel grateful for the experiences you had and the things you learned from that person, or the amount of running, walking, climbing, kickboxing, you were able to experience before you lost a leg, or having made a connection with someone who noticed your talents and now you're prepared for the next opportunity to come along.

The genre I prefer for my life film is a feel good, inspirational comedy, where I leave the theater with a smile.