The Bleachers audiodrama
Bella Cosper
When you outgrow spelling bees, there's Voice-Over, Storytelling, ScriptWriting, and Podcasts to produce.
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The Bleachers Audiodrama

A quirky comedy involving the lives of imperfect parents who find friendship at a ballpark thru flings, ex’es, brawls, gambling, and other shenanigans.

The Bleachers is a scripted audiodrama with Los Angeles based voice actors, comedians, and writers.

Cast: Bella Cosper (Missy & Deb), Bobbie Becerra (Charlene), Bryan Dobbs (Coach Jeff), Feo Chin (Tooker), Hunter M. Altman (Tifton), Ian Farley (Nubbin), EJ Scott (Hank), Julia Pels (Janice & Ashley), Shelley Starrett (Wanda)