The Bleachers audiodrama
Bella Cosper
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The Bleachers Audiodrama

A quirky comedy involving the lives of imperfect parents who find friendship at a ballpark thru flings, ex’es, brawls, gambling, and other shenanigans.

The Bleachers is a scripted audiodrama with Los Angeles based voice actors, comedians, and writers.

Cast: Bella Cosper (Missy & Deb), Bobbie Becerra (Charlene), Bryan Dobbs (Coach Jeff), Feo Chin (Tooker), Hunter M. Altman (Tifton), Ian Farley (Nubbin), EJ Scott (Hank), Julia Pels (Janice & Ashley), Shelley Starrett (Wanda)


The Bleachers: The Characters

Missy – Demands to be Co-Team Mother. A tiny pistol. Wants ‘what’s right’ for her daughter. Tough exterior. Ex-wife of Tifton, mother to Lil Tiff’, answers phones at the gas company.  (40s)

Tifton – Team Mother. Short ‘n stout. Turned his life around 11 months ago, in hopes to win back the love of his life, Missy, after he disappeared five years ago. Always between jobs. (40s)

Ashley – Attends the local beauty college. Tifton’s girlfriend he met at a church event. Has a smartphone glued to her face. Not a sharp tool. (20)

Wanda – Runs Concessions. Tough. Mechanic. Deb’s wife & Missy’s best friend. When she says ‘Hey’, you’re unsure if she’s greeting you or about to kick your ass. Mom to Butch. (40s)

Deb – Runs Concessions. Pipsqueak. Keeps her mouth shut and stays busy so she doesn’t end up back in prison. Wanda’s wife. Mom to Butch. (late 30s)

Coach Jeff – Assistant Coach of the Honeybears. Okay at baseball in highschool, but when the one college offered him a scholarship, his mother talked him into staying home. Feels like it ‘just ain’t fair!”. The ballpark is his life. Stockboy at Walmart. Lives with his mother. (37)

Nubbin – X-ray Tech. Widowed. Nervous. Hesitates to speak up. His life is bringing his daughter to the ballpark and sipping a Dr. Wanda with Tooker at the Phone Pole. Natalie’s dad. (30s)

Tooker – Owns Tooker’s Towin’ & sponsors the Honeybears. Semi-good looking, with confidence for miles. Type that calls a cozy a beer titty. Missy’s side piece. (40)

Charlene – Cake Decorator. Her first season with the Honeybears. Observant. Thinks the ballpark patrons are toxic, but finds herself becoming the ‘therapist’ to everyone’s problems. Hank’s wife and Lil Lani’s grandmother. (late 50s-60s)

Hank – Insurance Salesman. Just wants to kick back and fit in. Feels Charlene nags too much, and he’s right. Can trail off into long, boring stories. Lil Lani’s grandfather. (late 50s-60s)

Janice – Arrogant. Goes head-to-head with Missy, but wants a piece of Tifton, or any other man. Awaits the next Newport News catalog in the mailbox. Knock off Coach bag. Jessica’s mom. (late 30s-40s)