The Bleachers audiodrama
Bella Cosper
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The Bleachers Audiodrama

A quirky comedy involving the lives of imperfect parents who find friendship at a ballpark thru flings, ex’es, brawls, gambling, and other shenanigans.

The Bleachers is a scripted audiodrama with Los Angeles based voice actors, comedians, and writers.

Cast: Bella Cosper (Missy & Deb), Bobbie Becerra (Charlene), Bryan Dobbs (Coach Jeff), Feo Chin (Tooker), Hunter M. Altman (Tifton), Ian Farley (Nubbin), EJ Scott (Hank), Julia Pels (Janice & Ashley), Shelley Starrett (Wanda)


The Bleachers: The Locations

The Bleachers: Mosquitos, flies, and gossip swarm. A good spot to get into an argument. Janice, Charlene, Tifton, & Ashley are ornaments here, with Coach Jeff cutting thru the dugout gate to see if anyone brought good snacks. 

The Phone Pole: Where you can find Nubbin, Tooker, & sometimes Hank, sipping a Dr. Wanda.

Concessions: Wanda sits behind the counter & Deb is in the back cooking or cleaning, when she’s not with Wanda watching drama happening in The Bleachers. Everyone visits the counter, especially Missy, who reports all things to Wanda.

Parking Lot: Cars zooming in and out, Coach Jeff hauling a van full of girls, and Missy might break into a car, if she wants to destroy some evidence.